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Key Difference between Time & Motion

The key difference between Time and Motion are as under:

A: Motion study is for cost reduction, and time study is for cost control.

B: Motion study is the creative activity of motion and time study.

C: Motion study is design, while time study is measurement.

Utility of Motion and Time Study

Motion Study is designed to determine to best way to complete a repetitive job for particular domain

Time Study measures how long it takes an average worker to complete a task at a normal pace Motion and time study can reduce and control costs, improve working conditions and environment, and motivate people.

The basic purpose is to improve the work and to reduce waste.

1. Motion analysis techniques
2. Time study techniques

Manufacturing management and engineering students are being prepared to design work stations, develop efficient and effective work methods, establish time standards, balance assembly lines, estimate labor costs, develop effective tooling, select proper equipment, and layout manufacturing facilities.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

History of Time & Motion study

Motion Study

Frank B. Gilbreth, Lillian M Gilbreth


Frank B Gilbreth and Lillian M Gilbreth begun to design motion study by using cameras to look at how body motions were used in the process of completing a job. This helped them to improve the processes and rearrange setups. That was known as motion study. Concept is to have smooth and easy motion to improve capability of performer and get more out of time investment done by that particular resource towards their given tasks.

Time Study

Frederick W. Taylor


Frederick W Taylor started to design time study by stop watch and 2 clock method, Time studies were once used to establish performance-based wage rates and their capability.

Both study get merged and known as " Time and Motion Study " after decade.

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What is Time & Motion Study ?

Time and Motion study was found in 18th century by Frank B. Gilbreth, Lillian M Gilbreth.

Time and Motion study is detailed analysis of a specific work or job in an effort to find the most efficient method in terms of time and Motions base process.

The Motion and time study is very important at industrial engineering, industrial technology, and industrial management programs because the information that time studies generate affects so many other key areas, including the following:

A. Cost estimating
B. Production and inventory control
C. Plant layout
D. Materials and processes
E. Quality
F. Safety


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Importance & Formula of Time and Motion Study

Time and Motion study plays very important role in to manufacturing domain to enhance production quality and utilize maximum resource capacity in minimum time. Now a days T&M also used in to offices, Hospitals, Departmental stores and service industry to ensure maximum utilization of resources in the lowest possible timeline with customization of the Best Management cycle by T&M Analyst.

Time & Motion study is combination of Motion study invented by Frank B. Gilbreth, Lillian M Gilbreth and Time study invented by Frederick W. Taylor in 1881. Frederick W. Taylor
said that  “Time study is the one element in scientific management beyond all others making possible the transfer of skill from management to men ”.

Time and Motion study invented around century back in 1885 by observing process of bricklaying on construction site. The simple yet effective observation Time and Motion study was “The horizontal line consume more time then vertical line.” So Just a minor change improves the motion such a way that more and more construction can be done in less time. another observation was to get all tools near by or handy will help to save potential time of gathering it for bricklaying purpose. So, all necessary tools like cement and water would be near by while bricklaying improved productivity and decrease span for construction for each worker.

To derive the enhancement now a days we use electronic tools like stop watch, bar codes, video camera, 360 degree camara, softwares and computers.

The formula to get standard Time and Motion is as under:

ST= (NT)(1-AF)

Where ST : Standard Time
NT : Normal Time
AF : Allowance Factor