Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Time and Motion Studies for Corporate

Time and Motion studies generally used for manufacturing industry. But if we understand the concept and implement it on Desktop management and Seating plan at Office it can contribute a lot towards total output or productivity of company.

We have designed total consulting program for Corporate Culture with Time and Motion studies. here are some of the examples to get the glimpse of the overall advantage.

Office Plan with Time and Motion - Plan seating arrangement at your office in such a way that division had can view their team and they seats with their team near by for visual control. Also plan wash area near by the top management's cabin so they do not have to spend much time to walk around and come back as their hourly / per min cost is very high and company can not afford walk time which is non value added time count.

Desktop with Time and Motion - If you analyse your daily activity, you have main 3 to 4 tool which you are frequently using for different task. Instead of  open each and check, give dual desktop with one monitor to your team, where on one screen they have email box and chat open and at another they can browse. as 3 to 7 percent of time are invested in to shuffling per month which could be utilised in more productive way.

Time and motion theory is designed for getting optimum output from investment and execute the targeted deliverables in minimum possible time. Which is very much required now a days in all corporates to enhance the productivity.


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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Macromotion & Micromotion studies.

Key difference between Macromotion and Micromotion studies are as under :

Motion studies are performed to eliminate waste. Before any improvement in quality or quantity of output, any study of operations time, any scheduling of work or balancing of workload or any calculation of standard time, a study of the current and proposed method is required.

Studies of overall factory flow or process, called macromotion studies, and then additional studies of detail or operations, called micromotion studies, should be completed for a project.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Difference between Machine Time and Machine cycle time

The difference between Machine Time and Machine cycle time with example are as under:

Machine time:    
The time that machine is working on a product. Machine time is the time that machine is working on a product.

Machine Cycle Time:

 Machine cycle time is the average time of completed units coming out of the  machine.

Example :

In 6 working hours, machine is producing 6 product then cycle machine cycle time is 1 Hour.  And machine time is 6 hours.

Machine Cycle time :    Total machine cycle time / Units produced