Thursday, December 30, 2010

Importance & Formula of Time and Motion Study

Time and Motion study plays very important role in to manufacturing domain to enhance production quality and utilize maximum resource capacity in minimum time. Now a days T&M also used in to offices, Hospitals, Departmental stores and service industry to ensure maximum utilization of resources in the lowest possible timeline with customization of the Best Management cycle by T&M Analyst.

Time & Motion study is combination of Motion study invented by Frank B. Gilbreth, Lillian M Gilbreth and Time study invented by Frederick W. Taylor in 1881. Frederick W. Taylor
said that  “Time study is the one element in scientific management beyond all others making possible the transfer of skill from management to men ”.

Time and Motion study invented around century back in 1885 by observing process of bricklaying on construction site. The simple yet effective observation Time and Motion study was “The horizontal line consume more time then vertical line.” So Just a minor change improves the motion such a way that more and more construction can be done in less time. another observation was to get all tools near by or handy will help to save potential time of gathering it for bricklaying purpose. So, all necessary tools like cement and water would be near by while bricklaying improved productivity and decrease span for construction for each worker.

To derive the enhancement now a days we use electronic tools like stop watch, bar codes, video camera, 360 degree camara, softwares and computers.

The formula to get standard Time and Motion is as under:

ST= (NT)(1-AF)

Where ST : Standard Time
NT : Normal Time
AF : Allowance Factor

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